Drift Training

Working with our committee member Troy Brown, we offer drift training days for those wanting to either try drifting as a beginner, or improve to advanced drifting.  These training days take place throughout the year and are extremely popular so paying and booking ahead is essential.  This is done through our website shop under the Get Involved menu.


Training Types

Beginner training days are designed for those wanting to experience drifting and see how they go.  The days include specialist tutoring from experienced drifters.  They take place on the main circuit where individual skill courses can be marked out to give participants plenty of time on the courses behind the wheel.  Participants move from one skills course to the next in groups, breaking for lunch at the Car Club clubrooms before more practice in the afternoon.

Advanced training days are for those who have spent time learning their craft and wish to extend their skills with longer and faster runs.  These training days are held on either main circuit.  The runs utilise longer sections of the track for high speed flowing runs.


Vehicle Eligibility

Most vehicles are welcome, but be aware there is basic scrutineering of all cars.  This is necessary to ensure the vehicles are safe to use on the track and to ensure no damage is done to the track, or fluids dropped on the surface.  The circuit must be in the same clean and oil free condition at the end of the day as it was before the drift training started.



Safety clothing minimum requirement is single-layer 100% cotton overalls (not synthetic or part there of) with close-fitting cuffs and collar, a helmet that meets the Motorsport Manual standards, shoes that completely cover the feet and ankles with socks at least to mid calf.


To Enter

Check the events calendar HERE for an event, then fill in the entry details and make payment.


Further Information

Contact the training coordinator directly if you have any additional questions.

Coordinator:  Troy Brown
Phone: 022 197 8480
Email:  info@manawatucarclub.org.nz