Autocross & Motorkhana

Throughout the year we hold Autocross and Motorkhana events at various venues and dates.

Grass Autocross is generally a race around cones on a paddock or similar surface, almost any four wheel vehicle can enter (road registered or not) so long as it meets basic scrutineering safety requirements, such as robust steering and seating, and no loose objects in or on the vehicle.  Rally or off road tyres are generally not permitted, and there are no licencing requirements at all.  Even the kids as young as 12 can have a go as long as they can control a vehicle!

Motorkhana is a similar test of skill and precision but at higher speed, and are held on sealed tracks or similar.  They can include tracing a route through cones as smoothly and quickly as possible, at high or low speed or combination of both.  There are vehicle and basic licence requirements, so check the supplementary regulations when you click on the calendar event you’re interested in.

Check our events calendar for any upcoming event dates and we’ll see you there!