OUTLAW OCTOBER – Main Track Drift Practice

05/10/2024 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Manfeild: Circuit Chris Amon
Rata Street
Feilding 4702
New Zealand
Jodie Bell

OUTLAW OCTOBER – Main Track Drift Practice


Our drift practice days are open for intermediate to advanced drifters. These events are a great ‘step-up’ for any drivers who are confident and have progressed their skills from the Backtrack Drift Tutoring days

Our Main Track Drift Practice events are also classified as Clubsport Basic events and are run under Manawatu Car Club’s Rules & Regulations – However due to the increased speed of the circuit course, vehicle and driver requirements are slightly different from Drift Tutoring events to ensure participants and event staff safety.



  • Entry fee for non-members $220.00
  • Entry fee for members of the MCC $200.00
  • Entry and Registration to events can be found under the “Shop” menu once live, approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the event date.


Once you have entered 2 or more drift practice events you are required to be a member of a car club. Such as The Manawatu Car Club Inc.

OR you can find a list of MSNZ affiliated Car Clubs HERE

  • All vehicles entering Main Track Drift Practice events MUST meet Motorsport New Zealand Schedule A/DR requirements
  1. Motorsport New Zealand – Schedule A – Vehicle & Driver Safety
  2. Motorsport New Zealand – Schedule DR – Drifting

1. Venting wastegates are permitted for Main Track Drift Practice ONLY under the following:

(1.1) Main exhaust systems must adhere to Schedule A, section 5.2 Exhaust. From point (a) to point (f) with an exception made to (d)* and (e)*    – As per Schedule A above*
(1.1.2) Any wastegate exhaust noise does not exceed 95db at any time or (1.1.3) Meet Circuit Noise Permit requirements.
(1.1.4) The wastegate exhaust exits the outer bodywork of the vehicle behind the drivers or passengers door at no higher than 300mm from ground level and does not protrude more than 150mm beyond the bodywork of the vehicle.
(1.1.5) Exits below the engine bay facing the ground, on level with or above the lowest part of the body or drivetrain, not rearward of the A pillar and with no fluid lines or combustible components within 300mm of the opening pipe exit, or
(1.1.6) Exit facing directly up through the bonnet, past the bodywork but protruding no more than 30mm. The wastegate pipe must point emissions directly up. Emissions directed forward / rearward / sideward are not be permitted.
(1.1.7) Exit through the lower front guard area, past the bodywork but protruding no more than 30mm, pointing on a downwards angle and at no higher than 300mm from ground level. (1.1.8) Both the driver and passenger (if applicable) are to be wearing approved fire resistant overalls as per section 4.3, Protective Clothing: of Schedule A

  • Roll-cages MUST be homologated.
  • Convertible vehicles must have approved roll protection.
  • NO fluid leaks of any sort, from anywhere, at any cost
  • Battery MUST be secured using 4x M6 8.8 bolts (if not factory position, Motorsport NZ approved mounting is required) Terminal must also be covered or insulated.
  • Fire extinguisher is mandatory. Minimum of 0.9kg twin strap mounted within reachable distance of the driver. Must be mounted with 2x M6 8.8 bolts.
  • Oil catch can if not factory – Must be of reasonable capacity.
  • Seats and belts must be in good condition. If non-factory seats and belts are fitted (race seats and harnesses) these must meet MSNZ Schedule A standards.
  • Solid brake pedal
  • Door cards / no sharp edges interior and exterior
  • All wheel nuts
  • Fuel system and battery must be entirely separated from the cabin with a sealed firewall or box (if non factory)
  • Front and rear tow hooks
  • Drivers must have full 100% cotton overalls with cotton undergarments or approved race overalls, approved helmet and boots. It is not mandatory but gloves and neck brace/FHR are recommended.

PASSENGERS: Passengers for drift practice may only be carried in cars with a full MSNZ homologated roll cage and with approved passenger seat mountings and harnesses. Passengers must wear approved overalls, footwear and helmets as per Schedule A and sign the passenger indemnity and wear the identifying wristband.

Passengers are NOT permitted in vehicles within close proximity to a chase or lead vehicle.