Winter Series R1 – Sunday 4 June


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-Log book cars, every third event OR if six months since last event
-WOF/REG road cars, EVERY event

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Cross Enter A 2nd Class

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I understand and agree to abide by the event supplementary regulations (found on the event page)

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Purchase an entry to this event as described.
Discount for MCC members.

Note!  Transponder use is mandatory.  You can hire a transponder from the club or if you have your own, make sure you choose the ‘Have My Own’ transponder option for a $20 discount to the total entry cost.

Additional information

Class - Winter

RS Cup, SF Cup, IB Cup, GT Cup, Classics, MX5 Cup, Formula First, Formula Ford

MCC Member

Member, Non-Member

Competition Licence Grade

C1, C1-Junior, C2, Int-C-C, Int-C-R, M-Grade, No Competition Licence, R1-Grade, R1-Junior, R2-Grade