Race Classes

So you’ve joined our club, and sorted your race licence.  Now you need to either figure out what class to race your car in, or purchase a car to suit the class you’re interested in!

These Manawatu Car Club race classes are designed to give participants a good start into motorsport.  These are saloon classes are based on lap times only; there are no engine, aero or tyre restrictions. Cars must conform to Appendix Two, Schedule A Safety.

Time penalties are issued when a competitor breaks out or beats the target lap time. If the driver consistently breaks out they are moved up to the next fastest class.

The classes are large and offer competitive and fun racing at varying speeds. They run within our own Summer and Winter Series events during the year

RS (Real Slow) Cup

SF (Slightly Faster) Cup

IB (In Between) Cup

GT Cup

There is no target lap time in this class.



Formula First

Formula First are single seater race cars, powered by 1200cc,air-cooled, VW flat-four cylinder engines, in a tubular steel space-frame chassis. The design is limited by dimensions, weight, compulsory components, tyres and aero .  They offer close, open-wheel racing where drafting becomes an art.

In summer Formula First is a Motorsport NZ Championship class, with rounds at all four North Island circuits. Formula First Cup is contested in our Winter Series at Manfeild.

For more information go to Formula First NZ




The MX5RacingNZ class provides great value for money, competitive racing.  They are basic production cars fitted with upgraded coil-over suspension, race seats, a roll cage, upgraded brake pads, and semi-slick tyres.  In this class close racing is guaranteed at a low cost.

The class runs within our winter and summer series, plus at other separate meetings around the North Island.

MX5RacingNZ Rules 2018-2019