Race Classes

So you’ve joined our club, and sorted your race licence.  Now you need to either figure out what class to race your car in, or purchase a car to suit the class you’re interested in!

Following is some detail on each of the most common or accessible race classes that our club is involved in, either administering the classes ourselves, or being host to them at certain events during the year.  There are others but they are generally more specialised, or investment to compete exceeds what we would call entry level.

We include basic eligibility detail, vehicle types, and contacts for coordinators and websites so you can find out more information relevant to the class you are interested in.  See the table at the bottom of this page for contact information for all classes described.



Our own Manawatu Car Club race classes designed primarily to give participants a good start into motorsport.  The classes are based around overall speed and handling ability of the cars, with vehicles grouped according to their lap time.  The most basic of vehicles needs to be warranted and registered with a fire extinguisher installed, but as speeds and competitiveness increase vehicles require roll cages, harnesses and race seats.  The classes are large and offer competitive and fun racing at varying speeds.

The classes run within our own Summer and Winter Series events during the year, but the cars can generally be used at other events as they often fit within one or more of the classes listed below.


GT Cup

Also a Manawatu Car Club controlled class, this is for varying types of specialist saloon or single seater sports cars that are faster than the RS-IB classes.  Vehicles circulate at times less than the 1:20 mark at Manfeild circuit.  The level of modification and speed of these cars is high.  There are sub classes to separate cars depending on their lap times.

The classes run within our own Summer and Winter Series events during the year, but the cars can generally be used at other events as they often fit within one or more of the classes listed below.


Formula First

Formula First are single seater, dedicated open wheeler track cars, based on VW flat four cylinder engines and a select number of controlled chassis types.  They offer close racing and the open wheel feeling of the air rushing past your helmet.

The class runs around the North Island during the year, and also includes races in our Winter Series.


MX5 Racing

The MX5 class provides great value for money, competitive racing.  They are basic production cars fitted with upgraded coil-over suspension, race seats, a roll cage, upgraded brake pads, and semi-slick tyres.  In this class close racing is guaranteed at a low cost.

The class runs within our winter and summer series, plus at other separate meetings around the North Island.
See HERE for the current MX5RacingNZ Series Rules.


2k Cup

This class is based on $2,000 cars, running 2000 second (35 minute) races.  It is a relatively cheap class to get into and compete, with a base vehicle not allowed to cost more than $2,000 to purchase.  The cost of safety gear installation is not included.  Competitors with a wide variety of skill levels and experience make up some very large grids, especially up north.

The class usually consists of 6 rounds run on North Island tracks during the Spring through Autumn months.


Honda Cup

Honda Cup is a dedicated Honda class run under select modification rules.  There are four different categories a race vehicle can fit into depending on modification level and engine capacity.

The class runs across the North Island at different tracks throughout the year.


Mazda Pro7 Racing

This class runs modified production Mazda 7 and RX8 cars in three different categories depending on modification levels.  They are rotary engine powered, with various upgrades depending on the category.

The class runs predominantly on North Island tracks during the year.


Race ClassCoordinatorEmailWebsiteVehicle Cost (Approx)
RS CupJeff Braidinfo@manawatucarclub.org.nzwww.manawatucarclub.org.nz$2,000+
SF CupJeff Braidinfo@manawatucarclub.org.nzwww.manawatucarclub.org.nz$5,000+
IB CupJeff Braidinfo@manawatucarclub.org.nzwww.manawatucarclub.org.nz$9,000+
GT CupJeff Braidinfo@manawatucarclub.org.nzwww.manawatucarclub.org.nz$15,000+
Formula FirstStephanie Harrisinfo@formulafirst.co.nzhttp://www.formulafirst.co.nz/$8,000+
MX5 RacingJerry Hoskinsjerryhoskins007@gmail.comhttps://www.facebook.com/MX5RNZ/$6,000+
2k CupJames Watsonjames@2kcup.comhttp://2kcup.com/$2,000+
Honda CupZaf Khouricoord@hondacup.co.nzhttp://www.hondacup.co.nz/$6,000+
Pro 7 RacingJohn Hastingsjohn.pamh@xtra.co.nzhttp://mazdapro7racing.co.nz/$15,000+